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The 90's
International Square Dance Caller/Recording Artist
June 4, 1963 38 years June 4, 2001

An excellent singer as well as an accomplished choreographer makes Nate Bliss a real pleasure to dance to. Even though he has called through C-2 in the past, Nate now calls for Beginners through the A-2 programs and especially enjoys teaching new dancers the joys of square dancing.

Nate and his wife, Debi, relocated to Northern California in 1983, from the R.V. resorts of South Texas and currently reside in Vallejo. He now regularly calls for the Adobe Squares of Petaluma, and the Twin City Steppers, Fairfield and is very active in teaching and calling for the Bay Area. He is not only the Vice-President of the Square Dance Callers Association of Northern California (SDCANC), he is also the Membership Chairman and the Association Webmaster.


The 60'sNate began calling, while he was a charter member of the Hickam Promenaders, during his first tour in the U.S. Air Force at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. The club caller at the time was Herb Egender. He was being transferred to the Pentagon so five members attended three calling lessons and Nate was elected simply because everyone else backed out. So with three lessons, a handful of records and a $90 "Califone" PA set, Nate started his "career" as a square dance caller. In 1964 he transferred to California and continued calling even though he was cross training into fighter aircraft (first the F-104 and then the F-105).

The 70's
Nate's attributes include a very melodious, bass voice of which he has received much recognition. Having been a recording artist for over 30 years, he has recorded many square dance singing call records on six square dance record labels. A nationwide radio commercial, "A Country Barbecue", that he recorded for the Beef Council was real a special treat for him. Currently he is a staff recording artist on "Global Music Productions" records.

The 80's Besides extensive calling on the West Coast, Nate has enjoyed a few tours through the East Coast as well as Thailand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Also Germany and Denmark in August and September 2000. He has also taught for an equestrian club in which the horses knew the routine better than the riders. And a class for the blind at the Braille Institute where he learned, "you can't have too many speakers when calling for the blind". (In case your are wondering, that means that one speaker is best - ask Nate about that story!) He was also a resident caller in R.V. Parks in Arizona, Colorado and Texas.

The 80's
Here is an interduction given at a weekend festival:
"Nate Bliss is justifiably renowned for his melodious singing voice, dulcet delivery, flowing patter, and well conceived choreography. ... Come enjoy with us Nate's special, SUPER SMOO-OO-TH STYLE!"