Ukiah Promenaders need Square Dancers!! (No experience necessary)

Contact me to sign up — see below
We will start as soon as we have enough people
signed up to dance! (At least 1 square, 4 couples)

12-week class will be on Thursdays 7-9pm
Bartlett Hall at Ukiah Senior Center, 495 Leslie
Host a Square Dance Party
No Experience Necessary!

Lawrence Johnstone's Home Page

Broken Computer CALLERLAB Logo Lawrence O. Johnstone
801 Lake Mendocino Dr. #11
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-0239

I am a computer technician and square dance caller living in the somewhat small (population approximately 15,000) town of Ukiah, CA. I say somewhat small because I've spent most of my life living just outside towns even smaller than Ukiah, so it seems pretty big to me! (And, don't get me started about people calling Davis, CA a "small town" at 30,000 while I was attending UC Davis there in the mid-eighties!)

Square dancing has been my favorite activity for almost my entire life, and you'll notice that most of the pages on this website are related to square dancing in one way or another.  I keep a list here of Northern California dances outside of the major metropolitan areas, because I feel that the majority of Northern California doesn't receive much attention.  (I've lived in Northern California all my life, and tend not to think of Sacramento and the Bay Area as part of it — just like the 1990s-era Stan Statham proposal to divide California into three states with Chico as the capital of Northern California!)

Since most of my living comes from computers, there are also a number of computer-related pages here.  I operate my own outcall computer service business part time, and also have posted information on software that I have found useful and that I recommend.  (Including the software I use to build and maintain this website.)

A few of my upcoming calling events
Click to see my full schedule!
March 31, 2017 to
April 1, 2017
Gone to North State Dancers' Association Jamboree, Oroville, CA
April 8, 2017Circle 'n Squares, Santa Rosa, CA
April 9-12, 2017Gone to CALLERLAB Convention, Mesa, AZ
April 15, 2017Gone to Canyon School Reunion, Lakehead, CA
April 22, 2017Private event (MB)
April 29, 2017ASDSC 5th Saturday Dance, Roseville, CA
Square Shooters Banner (1962)
Ukiah Square Shooters' banner
Circa 1962
Courtesy Alice Eby-Bettini
States I've called in
Blue: States in which I've called
Yellow: States I've visited (mostly as a child)
Pink: All the others