LOJ B-MS-Plus Teaching Order
revised 2008-06

Minor revisions made during 2009 and 2010 class seasons

The links on this page will take you to the TAMinations page for each call on the Tam Twirlers' website.  These call animations can be very useful for review purposes.  Many thanks to Brad Christie for making them available!

A printable version of this list, in PDF format (but without the TAMinations links) is available here. (59KB PDF file)

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Week Calls
(Big Circle)
Circle Left/Right
Allemande Left/Right
Promenade (Couples)
Forward & Back
Right & Left Grand
Pass Thru
U-Turn Back
Courtesy Turn
2 Ladies Chain
Ladies In, Men Sashay
Right / Left-Hand Stars
Boys / Girls Promenade Inside
Couples Promenade 1/2
4 Ladies Chain
Face In/Out/Right/Left
Double Pass Thru
Bend the Line (Lines facing out)
2 Star Thru
Star Promenade
Backtrack (Girls, from Star Promenade)
Veer Left/Right (from facing couples)
Trade (Girls/Boys in 2-faced line)
Weave the Ring
Grand Square
3 Separate (Around 2, Around 1, Around 1 / 2 to a line)
Split the Outside Couple ("Goalposting")
Girls/Boys Backtrack (from single file promenade)
4 Ladies Chain 3/4
Right & Left Thru
4 Couples Promenade 3/4
All Around the Corner (Left-Hand Lady) and
See Saw the Taw
Couples Circulate
Chain Down The Line
5 Lead Right/Left (use with Veer Left/Right)
California Twirl
Square Thru
6 Circle to a Line
Wheel Around
Half Sashay
Boys/Girls Circulate (2-faced lines)
7 Dive Thru
Allemande Thar
Shoot the Star
8 Do Paso
RH Ocean Wave (DoSaDo to a wave)
Trades (Boys/Girls as Centers, Ends of ocean wave)
Swing Thru
Boys/Girls Run (from center of wave)
Wheel & Deal (2-faced lines)
9 Box the Gnat
Slip the Clutch (from Allemande Thar)
Partner Trade
Boys/Girls Circulate in waves (as Ends/Centers)
10 Alamo Style/Ring, balance
Swing Thru (from Alamo)
Left Swing Thru (from Alamo)
Wheel & Deal (Lines facing out)
Veers from 2-faced lines
11 Pass the Ocean
Extend (from 1/4 tag)
Double Pass Thru
Try Partner Trade same-sex (1/2 sashayed?)
12 Flutterwheel
Reverse Flutterwheel
Sweep 1/4
Ferris Wheel
Cross Run (centers of waves)
Left Swing Thru (LH wave)
13 Touch 1/4 (First from ZB; later, from lines)
Single Hinge
Trade By
Single File (Column) Circulate
14 Workshop on 0 & 1/2 wave circulates,
2-faced line circulates
Split and Box Circulates
15 Review just-completed BASIC list
Workshop circulates (try #1 & #2 waves)
16 Turn Thru
Pass to the Center
Cast Off 3/4 (waves/arm turn)
17 Cloverleaf
Spin the Top (normal and All 8)
18 Centers In
Cast Off 3/4 (lines facing out)
Eight Chain x (Thru, 1-7)
19 Walk & Dodge
Slide Thru
Fold (Boys/Girls/ends/centers)
20 Spin Chain Thru
Tag the Line (full, 1/2, 3/4)
21 Scoot Back
Couples Hinge
Cross Fold (Ends/Centers, from Lines/Waves)
22 Dixie Style
Fan the Top
Recycle (normal only)
23 Review just-completed Mainstream list
24 Acey Deucey
Ping Pong Circulate
Grand Teacup Chain (4 Ladies Center)
25 Peel Off
26 Spread
Peel the Top
Grand Teacup Chain (4 Ladies Right)
27 Load the Boat
Linear Cycle
28 Teacup Chain
Extend (Parallel waves & other formations)
29 Trade the Wave
Spin Chain the Gears
30 Track II
31 Follow your Neighbor
32 Explode Family (the wave, and...)
Diamonds; Diamond Circulate
33 Relay the Deucey
Flip the Diamond
34 Relay the Deucey
Single Circle to a Wave
35 Grand Swing Thru
Cut the Diamond
36 Chase Right
Dixie Grand
37 3/4 Tag the Line
Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears
38 Review